April Sunday School Curriculum


Apr. 3​​     Renewed Health​​​​     Luke 7: 1-10

Great faith trusts what Jesus can do.

What is the relationship between faith and trust? What can we trust Jesus to do?

Apr. 10     A Fresh Start​​​​     Luke 7: 36-50

Faith is expressed through love and forgiveness.

How have you been shown God’s grace? How is forgiveness connected to love for Christ?

Apr. 17     A Sound Mind​​​​     Luke 8:26-36

Jesus has power over the darkness around us.

What are some worries that are usually on your mind? What could cause us to exaggerate our fears?

Apr. 24     A Family Reunion​​​​     Luke 15: 11-24

Even though we don’t deserve it, God gives us grace.

When are some  times when you received grace? When have you received mercy? In what ways does God give us both of these?


Apr. 3​​     He Is Risen​​​​​     Mark 16:1-8

Our faith hinges on the risen Christ.

Think of a time when you were devastated because something in your life didn’t happen as you planned? Why should we not be discouraged even in the face of death?

The Book of Acts

Apr. 10     Preparing for the Church to Begin​​     Acts 1

“Apostle” means one who is sent on a mission.

What does the book of Acts record? What are the main themes in the book of Acts?

Apr. 17     The Coming of the Holy Spirit​​     Acts 2

The Holy Spirit had come to enable the apostles to preach about Jesus.

Does God not expect people to believe in Jesus without proof? Did Peter’s sermon convict people of their guilt?

Apr. 24     The Converts at Work​​​     Acts​ 2:42 – Acts 3:26

“Fellowship” means sharing. Early Christians shared many blessings referring to activities they shared together in worship.

How would you accommodate a meeting to thousands of Christians? Can you be voted in to the church that Jesus built?

B.A.S.I.C. (Brothers and Sisters In Christ)

This class discusses a variety of topics.


This class is studying the book or Matthew.


This class continues to discuss following Jesus with integrity and authenticity.