Christmas Musical Practice to Begin

Yes, that’s right – it’s already time to plan the Christmas musical! Practice will begin on Sunday September 11th, during the Children in Worship time and in that space. If you are a student going into K-12, you are welcome to come and participate.

There will be speaking parts available for those who want them. There will be solo parts available for those going into 3rd grade and above. Of course you can also just be a part of the cast and not have any speaking or solo parts.

We will announce the musical title during practice and go over things then. If you want a lead, then you will need to be able to make a commitment to being at practices and rehearsals.

A schedule will be given at the first practice. After church practices for those with leads will begin on Sundays in October until 1:00 PM and go through November, with lunch or a snack being served.

The date of the musical, which is during worship, is Sunday, December 4th. We hope to see you at the first practice as parts will be given out by the second practice.

Come and share the good news about what God has done through Jesus Christ His Son through your gifts of music and stage. If you have any questions, please contact Michalee or Aaron Christy.