Health Ministry

Health MinistryDates to Remember:

February 7 – Health Ministry Team Meeting; 11:30AM in the library.

February 16 – Blood Pressure Screening at Prime Timers meeting at 9am in Chapel classroom

February 21 – Blood Pressure Screening at Church Breakfast; 8:30am in Fellowship Hall

February Health Tip

A recent study reported in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that highly processed foods supply not only most of our calories but also a disproportionate share of the of the sugar, sodium, and fats that we eat.

What can be done? Food companies sometimes try to develop highly processed foods that are healthier, though they haven’t had a good track record with this – and consumers don’t like the results.

The alternative Buy more whole or minimally processed foods and do the “processing ” yourself. It’s called home cooking! (From “Wellness Letter,” Feb 2016)

Daniel 1:16 – “Thus the steward took away their delicacies and the wine they were to drink, and gave them vegetables.”(NKJV)
The Health Ministry team is always pleased to welcome new members into our group! Additionally, if any church member would like a visit from a team member, just call the church office at 654-6657.