Health Team Ministry


April 17 – Blood Pressure Screening at the Church Breakfast in the Fellowship Hall at 8:30am.

April 17 – Health Ministry Committee meeting at 11:30am in library

April 19 – Blood Pressure Screening at PrimeTimer’s meeting in Parlor at 9am.


Exercise Improves Children’s Working Memory

School children who participated in a 10 week aerobic exercise program (45 minutes per session, 3 times a week), experienced improvements in working memory when compared with children in a control group. The children in both groups were provided with homework assistance sessions during the same time frame. The results suggest that children would not only benefit physically from regular physical exercise, but academically as well.

(Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, January, 2010)

The Lord has given us our bodies as living temples. We must do the maintenance to keep them healthy and to achieve wholeness of body, mind, and spirit. Children also need our encouragement to stay active and aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.