Latest Youth News

C.2G.S. (Connect, Grow, Go, Serve) – In Jr./Sr. High Sunday School, we will welcome our new 7th grade students and begin a long, arduous, but important journey through the book of Revelation and various other Biblical passages that speak to “The End Times” and the return of Christ the Lord. This journey is one that the students have asked to take and so we will begin with the first step in September, studying Old Testament prophecy, apocalyptic language, eschatology, and so on. We will compare various views and find out where we stand within the reformed tradition.

K.F.C. & FlipSide

Sunday, September 11th –

“Youth Kick Off Event” at the Mendenhall’s home from 4:30 – 7:30 PM. We will welcome in our new KFC members, play some fun games like capture the flag, have a cookout and s’mores, and encourage one another through God’s Word. Friends are welcome.

Sunday, September 18th –

“Take Me to the Zoo.” This event is still in the making, and will require a great bit of help from leaders and the FlipSide students. The goal is to have an adult and a FlipSide student or two mentor a student in 1st-6th grade at the zoo. Details to come through announcements, emails, and probably a meeting.