Latest Youth Update


Sunday, November 1st –

Hide-N-Seek Games in the church from 5:00 – 7:00 PM. We will meet in the Youth Room and share in a Bible Study, Prayer, and snacks. Then we will spend the rest of the evening playing types of Hide-N-Seek games. Bring a friend and a flashlight!

Sunday, November 15th –

Family Turkey Bowling and dinner. Youth will square off against parents in this Family Turkey Bowling event. We will share a catered dinner together, give thanks to the Lord, and then let the competition begin! 4:00-6:30PM in Fellowship Hall and use the circle drive parking lot.

C.2G.S. (7th-12th Grade Sunday School)

We will discuss the difficult topic of other religions and the occult and their impact in our American culture, how they have infiltrated the church and deceived Christians, why we need to be aware of it, and how far is too far when getting involved in certain practices that are related to other reli- gions and the occult.

This is a very serious topic and will be treated as such. Parents are free to discuss any questions that you might have with me about what is being taught and how it will be presented.