March Sunday School Curriculum

JONO Class

Mar. 6     Powerful Faith​​​​     Mark 9:14-29

Jesus helps us overcome our unbelief.

In the past, what made it difficult for you to believe in Christ? Were you able to overcome your doubts?

Mar. 13     A Generous Life​​​​     Mark 10:17-31

What does it mean to fully trust God?

What causes people to put off surrendering their lives to Christ? In what areas of your life do you have difficulty fully trusting Christ?

Mar. 20     Struggling Faith     ​​​​Mark 14:26-31;66-72

Even the best intentions of following God can fail us.

Why do we sometimes commit to do something, and then don’t do it? Do you think God is pleased when we “mean well,” even if we have poor follow through?

Mar. 27     He Is Risen​​​​​     Mark 16:1-8

Our faith hinges on the risen Christ.

Think of a time when you were devastated because something in your life didn’t happen as you planned? Why should we not be discouraged even in the face of death?

Christian Fellowship Class


Mar. 6​     Victory Over Evil Forces     ​​Eph. 1 & 6, Romans 8, James 4

God makes the tools available for you to battle sin.

Can you see that the sin battle is in your life? Is there an “app” to help us live a more holy life?

Mar. 13     “Arming” for Victory​​     1 Samuel 17, Ephesians 6

The Holy Spirit can teach you how to use spiritual weapons.

What kind of armor do you have for spiritual warfare? What are your goals in spiritual warfare?

Mar. 20     The Church:  In Service to Humanity​     1 Cor. 12, Matt. 25 & 28

Avoiding organized religion and its conflicts does not allow you a closer relationship with God.

What role should the church play in the life of the believer? Does it matter what I think?

Mar. 27​     The Law and the Gospel​​​     Psalms 19, Exodus 20

We believe that if we are  saved by grace, we should want to obey God.

How do you view the Ten Commandments? Do you look at the Ten Commandments with a feeling that a police officer is about to arrest you?

B.A.S.I.C. (Brothers and Sisters In Christ)

This class discusses a variety of topics.

The Seekers

This class is studying the book or Matthew.


This class will continue to discuss following Jesus with integrity and authenticity.