May Sunday School Curriculum


May 1     Increased Faith​​​​     Luke 17:1-10

Life’s challenges test our faith.

On a scale from 1-10, with10 being highest, how important is faith to your life as a believer? Did test of faith weaken or strengthen your faith?

May 8​     Grateful Faith​     ​​​​Luke 17:11-19

Praise God for healing and wholeness.

What is the difference between being physically heal and spiritually healed? Who did you thank and praise for your healings?

May 15​​     Humble Faith​​​​​     Luke 18:9-14

Pray humbly, without bragging.

Compare a proud person’s perspective of himself as he prays to that of a humble person’s perspective of himself. What happens to our perspective of ourselves when we compare it to God’s character?

May 22​​     Childlike Faith​     ​​​​Luke 18:15-17

Receive the Kingdom with childlike faith.

What did you think about the Lord when you were a child? What has changed in your view of Him since then?

May 29​​     Joyous Faith​​​​​​     Luke 19:1-7

Jesus came to seek and save the lost.

Who are some of the people who have pursued you because they wanted to get to know you or have you be with them? How did these people go about their pursuit of you?



May 1​​     Defining Evangelism and Witnessing​​     Luke 24, Acts 1, 5, &10

Sharing the gospel is something that all Christians can do.

How do you picture evangelism? How much of a persuader role do we have to have?

May 8​     Every Member Ministry​​​     Eph. 4, 1 Cor. 12, John 4

We should pay attention to every situation and every word that we say.

Should we just rely on the people we pay for witnessing and evangelism? How can you give your gifts for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God?

May 15​​     Spiritual Gifts for Evangelism and Witnessing​     ​​​​​​​Acts 1, 2, 8, & 13, John 20, Joel 2

It seems unthinkable that anything could be better than to have Jesus live with us.

Is it true that we all have at least one spiritual gift? How would you compare the Holy Spirit to Jesus?

May 22​     Evangelism and Witnessing as a Lifestyle​​     John 17, Mark 5

Anyone who looks honestly at the world and at God’s standard knows that there is a huge gap between the two.

How  are you going to be a proper connection with people and deal with hate? Will you be a bridge to help people move from pagan to believer?

May 29​​     Sequential Evangelism and Witnessing​     1 Cor. 3, John 6

There is an order to evangelism.

How complex is this witnessing stuff? Did people in the Bible have training before going out to witness?

B.A.S.I.C. (Brothers and Sisters In Christ) 

This class will discuss a variety of topics.


This class will study the book or Matthew.


This class will continue to discuss following Jesus with integrity and authenticity.