November Sunday School Curriculum

JONO Class

Nov. 1     Prayer Works!​​​​     Acts 12:1-11

Pray, and go through the doors God opens.

How often do you pray? When have you prayed intensely for something? How effective was it?

Nov. 8     God Makes No Distinction​​     Acts 15: 1-12

God’s grace goes beyond our restrictions on salvation.

What spoken or unspoken rules have you seen people require for being a Christian? Why do people create their own requirements for salvation?

Nov. 15     From Derbe to Philippi​​​     Acts 16: 1-15

Take the Gospel across social and cultural barriers.

Why do we sometimes feel uncomfortable around people who ae not like us? Why does it take courage to share the Gospel with those who are not like us?

Nov. 22     Turning the World Upside Down​     Acts 17: 1-25

Teaching and learning Scripture leads us to joy in the Lord.

Who first taught you about the Bible? In what ways has the Bible helped or encouraged you?

Nov. 29​     Teaching God’s Word​​​     Acts 18: 1-11; 18-21

Team up with God and others to share the Gospel.

When have you seen effective teamwork? What does it mean to team with God to share the Gospel?

Christian Fellowship Class

The Book of Mark

Nov. 1​     Last Days in the Temple​​​     Mark 11:27- 12:44

Resurrection is a package deal – body and spirit are taken together to heaven.

The Jewish leadership strikes back at Jesus. How did Jesus react? What do you know about Jesus’ resurrection?​​​​​

Nov. 8     Predictions of the End​​​     Mark 13

There will be terrible events in the end.

If I could tell you the future, would you want to hear it? Would you want a general outline or specifics?

Nov. 15     Betrayed and Arrested​​​     Mark 14: 1-51

Stewardship is a help to carry out God’s commission. When Judas complained about the money spent on perfume, was he being a good steward? Were the disciples willing to fight, but unwilling to sacrifice?

Nov. 22​     Tried and Crucified     ​​​Mark 14:53-15:41

Jesus gave up His life so that you might live.

What is your response to what Jesus did for you? What is your attitude towards others?

Nov. 29     Buried – But Risen​​​​     Mark 15:42 – 16:8

Jesus is the Messiah!

Are you looking for a future meeting with Jesus? How should you come before Him?

B.A.S.I.C. (Brothers and Sisters In Christ)

This class discusses a variety of topics.

The Seekers

This class is studying the book of Matthew.


This class will continue discussing following Jesus with integrity and authenticity.