October Sunday School Curriculum


Oct. 2​​    Seeking Guidance​​​​    Hebrews 1: 1-9​​​

God’s Word reveals who Jesus is.

What have you learned about Jesus from studying God’s Word? How did you come to understand that Jesus is Lord over you?

Oct. 9​​     The Builder of the House​​​     Heb. 3: 1-6; Matt. 7:24-27

As part of God’s household, we fix our eyes on Jesus.

What things can you make the focus of your life? How do we keep our lives focused on Jesus?

Oct. 16     Gifted and Chosen Leaders​​     Heb. 4:14-16; 5:1-10

Jesus fully identifies with us and intercedes for us.

Why is it important to have someone support you and understand you when you have troubles? How do you feel when someone truly “gets” you and can share your joys and sorrows?

Oct. 23     Seeking Continuity and Permanence​​     Heb. 7:1-3; 26-28

Our pure and holy High Priest saves us from our sins.

In what ways do people attempt to portray a perfect image? What sometimes happens when people realize they can’t be perfect?

Oct. 30​     Embracing and Overcoming Trials​     Heb. 12:1-13

Our trials are part of God discipling and maturing us.

Identify a stormy situation in your life that is battering you with wind and waves. Can you see any growth in character and maturity coming from your trial?



Oct. 2     Joseph: From Pit to Palace​​     Genesis 37-45

God is always with you.

Do you trust God even though your life is going in the wrong direction? What if you lost all your earthly supports?

Oct. 9​​     Sibling Rivalry​​​     Luke 10 & 15

God is waiting for you if you turn to him.

Is sibling rivalry still in existence today? What kind of attitudes cause “sibling rivalry?”

Oct. 16​     Children Showcased​​     2 Kings 5 & 22

God is looking for the child-like attitude of trust, dependence and obedience towards His will.

Do you have these attitudes towards God? What can we learn from the children of the Bible?

Oct. 23     The Personal Factor     ​​Mark 2 & 9

 Jesus told us to “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…”

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to bring people to Jesus? What would fit your personality the best?

Oct. 30     Powerful Pray-ers​​​     Acts 12

God reveals that He answers prayers even when those praying are surprised to get what they requested.

Why not experiment with prayer and let God surprise you? Do you find it hard to believe that God will answer your prayers?


(Brothers and Sisters In Christ)

This class discusses a variety of topics.


This class is studying the book or Matthew.


This class continues to discuss following Jesus with integrity and authenticity.