September Sunday School Curriculum


Sept. 4     A World at Peace​​​​​     Isaiah 11:1-9

Lasting peace is God’s ultimate design for His creation.

Describe a situation in which God affirmed His ability to give you a lasting peace. Did this affirmation for you also touch other peoples’s lives in some way?

Sept. 11     The End of Oppression​​​​     Isaiah 25:6-10

Rejoice in God’s victory over oppression and death.

What sins oppress your life and other people’s lives? In what ways does death oppress us?

Sept. 18     Ultimate Power​​​​​     Isaiah 40:21-31

The everlasting God renews our strength.

What causes you to feel that your personal “batteries” have run out? How do you typically re-energize yourself when this happens?

Sept. 25     Reliable Promises​​​​​     Isaiah 61:1-11

God brings freedom, renewal and blessings out of devastation.

What are some very emotionally trying circumstances people may experience? Who helps us through these circumstances?



Sept. 4     Getting Back Up Again

DVD – Pastor Robert Morris.

Peter was so much like the rest of us.

Sept. 11​     The Betrayers:  Peter and Judas​     Matt. 17,26; John 6,12,13,18

Two betrayers…one went on to fame and glory and the other to suicide.

Why do you think the disciples chose to follow Jesus? Did they have a choice?

Sept. 18     Grace Under Pressure (Noah and Job)​     Genesis 6-7

Bad things happen to good people even today.

Do you feel pressure in your life? Is it because you are obedient to God?

Sept. 25​     Wives as Advisers​​​​     1 Samuel 25, Genesis 3

Wives can give good and bad advice.

When should husbands take their wives’ advice? How can you give good advice?

B.A.S.I.C. (Brothers and Sisters In Christ)

This class discusses a variety of topics.


This class is studying the book or Matthew.


This class will continue to discuss following Jesus with integrity and authenticity.